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Hi there! Thanks for considering commissioning me. Before inquiring, I please ask that you consult my terms of service. Please also be aware that my prices are all in GBP, or great british pounds, which is the currency in the UK. Check what these values are in your own currency as the exchange rates can vary. Thanks!

Sketch - 15GBP (no WIPs)

Coloured Sketch - 30GBP (no WIPs)

Sketchpage - 60GBP, 100GBP for two characters (no WIPs)


Big Sketchpage - 250GBP, 400GBP for two characters

Simple Fullbody - 45GBP

Full Render Fullbody - 55GBP

Regular Icon - 25GBP

Ref Sheet - 50GBP base price (front + back view, likes/dislikes, paw/mouth view, name, etc)

Add-on prices: 25GBP per fullbody, 10GBP clothing chibi, 10GBP per headshot/bust.

Badge - 60GBP, file only

Chibi - 20GBP (no WIPs)

Telegram stickers + animation prices are not on this page. See the header for those prices.

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