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Payment will be made using my paypal, either via invoice or link. You must pay upfront. It is required that I receive payment before your commission is due to start. Payment plans can be organised for commissions over 500GBP, but they must be discussed before the commission is taken, and completed before the commission is started.

Credit + Copyright

If you share the art to reddit, etc - it is required that you credit me. You may not trace my work to create new work and claim it as your own. If you are found to be posting my work to any subreddit, site, website, etc with no credit, I will request a takedown. If the takedown is not obliged, I will file a DMCA, and you will be permanently blacklisted from commissioning me.


All rights belong to me. The artwork I make for you is for personal use only. I reserve the right to use any artwork I make for you for advertisement. If you wish to keep a commission private, there is a privacy fee of +25%. This does not apply to commissions that will eventually be posted e.g. a gift or surprise. 

Turnaround & Queue

My queue can be found by following this link:

​This will give you a rough idea of how long it will take me to start work on your commission - you must be okay with this up front. Check the queue before asking for a WIP or an update, unless you feel concerned about the progress of your commission.

I recommend allowing up to 8 weeks for your commission to be completed. I sometimes provide a completion month during the commission process. This timeframe is considered a deadline, and you will have your commission before the end of it, guaranteed. Unless your commission is particularly large and complicated, your commission should never exceed 3 months, and you will always be contacted regularly throughout the commission process. 

Large sticker packs may take considerably longer, depending on the number of stickers you order. Packs of 20+ are updated weekly, with you receiving 3-5 stickers or 3-5 sketches every week, depending on how fast I'm working. If you have ordered a lot of stickers, this means your pack could take a while - but you will be constantly receiving work. Animations may take longer than normal commissions, but I try to keep it within 2 months. They are usually worked on alongside other commissions. 


I will only do large edits in the sketch phase of a commission. I am also happy to fully resketch your commission at this point. I will not do large edits when a commission is complete; if you would really like a large scale edit once you see the final product, we can discuss a quote. If the commission does not include a confirmation sketch (i.e sketches) you must give me any preferences for pose and expression when you request the commission. I will not be changing these things in any major way when the commission is finished. Minor ones are accepted. 

If I get something wrong on the commission i.e. misreading the ref sheet, missing out markings, that is completely on me and I will fix it free of charge.


Won't Draw

  • Unethical NSFW (Feral, cub, etc)                   

  • Promotion of animal abuse                           

  • Insensitive or inflammatory content             

  • Hateful content                                             

  • Humans                                                         

  • Certain kinks (check before commissioning)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to dm me on telegram: @spookyfoxinc

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